Here's how to gain valuable professional experience while in college.


You know the old catch-22: you can’t get the job you want unless you have experience. But how are you supposed to get professional work experience when no one will hire a college student?

This opportunity is perfect for students looking to develop marketable skills, gain valuable work experience, and build your professional network while working from anywhere. And it actually pays, too. A real unicorn. 

iXperience is an innovative career-focused education company looking to expand its impact at campuses across the US. The company was started in 2013 by two Yale grads looking to help bridge the gap between university learning and rapidly evolving professional skills. Today, iXperience is an international community of top students, expert instructors, and leading professionals across a range of cutting-edge industries. As an iXperience Marketing Strategist, you would play a vital role in growing the iX community while collaborating with top students from around the country and gaining tangible work experience to highlight on your resume.

Here’s a look at some of the employable skills you would hone in this role:

  • -Marketing strategy

  • -Brand development

  • -Social media management

  • -Content strategy and development

  • -Lead generation and nurturing

  • -Networking with other young professionals from around the US and the world

Plus, you’ll get those essential LinkedIn references and letters of recommendation to help boost your post-graduation recruiting efforts. 

The Bonus!!!

You’ll also be paid competitively! You’ll earn $250  for fulfilling the basic role requirements on schedule, plus commission for every student who attends iXperience and has come through your reference. There are even bonuses available if you exceed targets. 

Sound like the perfect fit for you? Apply now below if you would like to take on this exciting opportunity - positions are filling up quickly and you don’t want to miss out! 

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