• "I thoroughly enjoyed the Investment Finance class. Tarryn was an engaging teacher, and the course was fast-paced and interesting." – Jack Winther, UCS 2020, iX Alum 2018.

  • Tarryn Valle and fellow teachers

  • Tarryn Valle, Head Teacher for iXperience Investment Finance Cape Town 2019

  • Tarryn Valle, CFA, FRM, and now registered doctoral student, joined us last year in Cape Town, where she taught Investment Finance and generally blew minds. We're thrilled to welcome her back this year, where we know she'll bring her ability to humanise even the most complex financial topics. Read more about what to expect from her 2019 class.

  • You taught Finance in Cape Town 2018. How will you be changing it up in 2019?

The amount of content that can be covered in a finance curriculum is immense! We tried to give our students an introduction to the primary topics - everything from macroeconomics to company valuation to portfolio construction. For those students from non-commerce backgrounds, this was a huge challenge. This year, we are considering slowing down in a few areas and going for a deep dive on crucial topics.

What is the biggest lesson that students took away from IB Finance last year? What do you hope to impart this year?

I think a lot of students had a fairly narrow view of what working in finance entailed. Many had a “Wall Street or nothing” mindset. However, finance is not only about heavy-duty quants! There is a role for everyone and it’s important to find a niche that works for your own character and attributes. I would like to impart that message again. Many are scared by the numeracy of finance, but not all finance needs mathematicians and engineers.

How will your students be putting what they learn to practice in the internship component of the program?

We will be working closely with those corporates offering internship positions to align the curriculum material with the real-world requirements. The focus on the practical elements elevates this course over the typical theory-based university offerings.

 To learn more about Tarryn, see her 2018 Teacher Profile



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