Written by Jessica Rezelman, iXperience Finance Teaching Assistant '15

After studying and working as an auditor for my entire adult life I was really starting to become despondent. I found it very hard to stay motivated when I realized that all my perfectly formatted Excel Spreadsheets, after being picked apart by a fussy manager, would end up in a filing cabinet until they were deemed irrelevant and shredded.  I wanted to expand my knowledge and experiences for my own professional growth. I was ready for a new adventure.  

I had never thought of teaching – in fact it was not something that interested me – but on a friend’s suggestion I went to meet with Aaron Fuchs (CEO and Co-founder of iXperience) to hear him out. Within seconds of meeting him I was sold on the idea. His passion for both life and learning was infectious and his conviction in his concept and company that he had created was inspiring. 

Skip forward a few months and it's my first day at iXperience as the Finance TA, assisting the most vivacious, passionate, competent educator I have ever met; Wesley Kennedy.  It is my opinion that education is so much more than simply what you are able to memorise or learn within the four walls of a classroom. Education is about using new knowledge and techniques to build personalities and encourage people to think for themselves. Through sharing his own experiences and relating to the students on a personal level, Wesley was able to instil in them a desire to learn and broaden their horizons. I wish that I had had a teacher like Wesley growing up, who, instead of forcing me to cram knowledge, tried to understand and empathise with me.   

Now let me get to the students.

I undoubtedly learned more from my students than I could have ever taught them. Getting to know each one of them on a personal level I was amazed at their drive and commitment to their careers and futures.  

When I was 19 years old I was thinking about passing my first year of college and which parties were coming up soon. These students were focused on their 5 year plans, how to write the best resumés and stand out at in an interview. Without any (or very little) prior Finance experience they were able to grasp the concepts quickly and apply them to real life situations. In addition to all of this they made me feel like a tourist in my own city, reminding me of so many of the things I had taken for granted. I began seeing the Mother City through a different lens and I realized how lucky I am to have some of the world's best shops, restaurants, wine farms, bars, clubs and natural wonders right on my doorstep.

I loved the 4 weeks I worked at iXperience and will forever treasure the people I met and memories I made. My only concern now is that I will never be able to settle back into a monotonous “9 to 5”.


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